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English, Bilingual and International Education

The department of English, Bilingual and International Education is focussed on allowing students to achieve their potential through their study of the English Language, giving students the opportunity to use their linguistic skills in meaningful international experiences, and supporting students in their applications to international universities and exchange programmes.

English Language Studies

All students in the middle and high schools have an English Language Studies class each day. Students are divided by oral and written ability levels guaranteeing that students are learning at an appropriate level and are pushed to excel. We offer twelve levels of English over the six years of study at Instituto Blaise Pascale, allowing younger students to focus on oral communication and cultural study while older students take more academic courses focused on the written skills they need to succeed at university.

In addition to core English Language Studies classes, all students in the middle school take an arts course taught in English. In this course, students are able to practice their English in an informal environment whilst using use their creativity in both in-school and community art projects.

English Language Studies classes are designed to be as interactive as possible, permitting students to practice what they have learned. To this end, the English department organises a range of workshops and practical activities throughout the year to both motivate students and allow them to engage with others through English language experiences.

Bilingual Education

When students have completed our programme of English Language Studies classes, they are able to participate in our Bilingual Education programme. This programme constantly evolves to meet the needs and interests of students and, in the past, has included courses on:

English and American Literature;

Modern World History;

Political Science;


Film Production;

Film Studies;

Media Studies;

History of Art;

Business, Entrepreneurship and Mathematics.

In addition, all students who participate in the Bilingual Education programme participate in an English-language symposium on the topics studied, a group poetry event and write a high school thesis on a topic of their choice.

The Bilingual Education programme aims to prepare students for university experiences both in Mexico and abroad by giving students the opportunity to explore different areas of study, research topics which interest them, and occupy their English language skills and cultural knowledge in different contexts.

International Education

English is your “gateway to the world”

International Education at Instituto Blaise Pascale includes international experiences for students in both the middle and high school, and supporting students with applications for international universities and study abroad programmes.




All students at Instituto Blaise Pascale have the opportunity to travel on academic and cultural visits to English speaking countries around the world. We regularly make trips to the United Kingdom, Canada and the U.S.A and have also recently travelled to Hong Kong, Russia and Morocco, where students are able to connect their cross-curricular studies with real locations and unforgettable experiences. Recently, middle school students have travelled to Atlanta to visit Martin Luther King’s house, the studios of CNN and the Coca-Cola factory to learn about 20th century history and culture. Students in the high school have visited the U.K. to learn about William Shakespeare by visiting his theatre and birthplace, develop their investigation skills by exploring the British Museum and experience life at the University of Cambridge.



Students at Instituto Blaise Pascale work extensively with schools in Ottawa, Canada, Palo Alto and Savannah, U.S.A. and New Jersey, U.S.A. on a variety of projects through both their art classes (middle school) and English Language Studies class (high school). There is a constant flow of letters, art work, posters and essays between the schools and students engage virtually via online learning platforms and Skype conferences.



Many of our students choose to study their undergraduate degrees abroad and we are able to support them with their applications to U.S. and U.K. universities by being a registered school with Common App (U.S. applications) and UCAS (U.K. applications), having trained staff with experience in supporting students applications and by having formalised agreements with the following universities:

All our partner universities are selected for their academic prestige, the breadth of courses they offer and their student satisfaction ratings.

Students from Instituto Blaise Pascale have been supported by the English, Bilingual and International Education department in their successful applications to:

Departmental Staff

All teachers in the English Department are qualified, registered teachers. Many of them hold master’s degrees in their subject area and have lived, studied and worked around the world. They bring a wealth of experiences and knowledge to their classes.

Christopher T. Lockwood

Head of English, Bilingual and International Education.

5152088 / 1324344.

B.A. (Hons) M.Phil. (Cantab) Dip. TESOL. FWCE.

María Gabriela Avendaño Cruz

English Language Studies Senior Teacher.

5152088 / 1324344.

B.A. M.A. TKT.

Linda-Michelle Kenyon

English Language Studies Teacher.

5152088 / 1324344.

B.A. GradCertEd. TESOL.

María Antonieta Pérez Díaz

English Language Studies Senior Teacher.

5152088 / 1324344.

B.A. M.A.

Diego Sánchez Santiago

English Language Studies Teacher.

5152088 / 1324344.


José María del Pozo Calderón

English Language Studies Teacher.

5152088 / 1324344.


Nancy Santiago Pérez

English Language Studies Teacher.

5152088 / 1324344.